From the Monastery di Astino to Piazza Vecchia, the main square of the city, through the gates of the Venetian walls passing the palaces and fountains of the old town. In the summer months Bergamo’s guides will take you through the streets of the Upper Town to discover the places and delicacies that have built the city’s history.

With the arrival of summer, the city of Bergamo will absolutely make you want to walk outside to admire its landscapes and architectural beauty. So the guides of the city, assisted by Nordic Walking instructors, are offering a walk through the historic center as an alternative to the typical alpine routes of the province. Taking you through the narrow streets of the medieval village to explore the sights and tell you about the ups and downs of those who lived in Bergamo in the past.

The proposed routes have two starting points: the first starts from the Monastery di Astino, just outside the walls, with a nice climb up to the medieval village; While the second instead starts at the heart of the historical center, in Piazza Vecchia, and ends in Astino. Although both routes pass the same sights, the first path is undoubtedly more difficult, because of its uphill walk on the hills of the Upper Town, while the latter is more suitable for everyone, because the street is mostly downhill.

While you’re walking around and enjoying the monuments don’t forget to taste the typical products of Bergamo. With the "Colazione (breakfast) dell'Alpeggiatore" you can stop at a  restaurant in the Upper Town and enjoy some of the best cheeses produced in the mountain and valley pastures of Bergamo.

With this tour, wether you choose during the day or at night, you can see the beauty of Bergamo, and with the warm light of a summer evening you breathe its charming atmosphere. These walking tours are available until October. You must book the tour via e-mail by 6 p.m. on the Friday before you wish to leave.

Useful Info

For bookings please contact or call 035.233091 by 6 p.m. the Friday before the chosen date.

Dates for daytime tours:

·           June 21

·           July 5

·           July 19

·           August 2

·           Aug. 30

·           Sept. 13

Date for evening tours:

·           Sept. 27

·           October 4th

·           Oct. 18

·           Oct. 25

Cost of the visit:

The fee is 8 € including:

- Introduction to Nordic walking and rental equipment

- Guided tour of the Upper Town and Astino

- Tasting of typical cheeses from Orobie