Creativity and nature in the kitchen! What will be the “green” recipe of the year? You can decide! Book a place at the Landscape Chefs Dinner held on Wednesday, July 22 at the Ristorante il Gourmet di Citta Alta  in Upper Town, so come be part of the popular jury.

Do not miss out on this exciting event!

Stopping in town for a day and looking for a really unique dinner? Hurry up and do not miss the opportunity to be a part of this exciting experience! This unforgettable dinner will take place on Wednesday, July 22. The prize for the best recipe of the 5th edition of “Landscape Masters”, following the gastronomic selection   "Green Food and the Chefs of the Landscape", is sponsored by   Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso   and advertised by .

After a month of collecting amateur recipes united by the “must” ingredient this year, Italian blackberries (“le more”), comes the event that will reward the most successful and tasty recipe.

The five finalist recipes will compete during dinner at Ristorante il Gourmet di Citta Alta, where the creators of selected dishes, with the help of experienced chefs will prepare their creations so they can be judged by two juries: the "Jury of Excellence", made up of journalists and industry experts, and the "Popular Jury" which you can be part of it, by reserving and buying a dinner at

The recipe crowned Patrimonio de I Maestri del Paesaggio will be included in the menu of the Tavole di Bergamo Alta. You can taste the winning recipe in the 16 days of the event (5-20 September) at participating restaurants. Find all the information you need at The Masters of Landscape website .

The dinner will be served with a selection of prestigious BISOL prosecco.

Book your place in the Jury:  vote and discover the green recipe green of the year before it makes its way to the restaurants!