Domus Bergamo Wine
The House of 100 Italian Wines

In Bergamo, you can travel through all of Italy in one futuristic location.

The Domus, in Piazza Dante of Bergamo, where you can enjoy 100 intense flavors, many of them are “must-try” wines that you can find in this bistro set-up specifically for the Expo.

Wine culture. The voices of famous wine producers and associations such as Women of Wine, the Wine Routes and a cultural reality like the Seminario Veronelli.
How about an aperitif? At Domus there are over 150 labels of Italian wine to be enjoyed, perhaps even combined with a nice charcuterie with cured meats and cheeses.. And then there are international goodies like wines from Israel, South Africa, Argentina ...
RistoLab is a restaurant but also laboratory. Have fun and learn how to pair wines with original menus . Open from 10:30 to midnight every day except Monday.
Cooking Show: A space used for educational courses and lectures open to the public, but the stage is also used to show how to cook regional Italian cuisine.