We welcome you to the village of St. Augustine: a stunning terrace where you can enjoy the best enogastronomy of Bergamo. The best restaurants and the city come together in a magical place, open-air concerts, cultural events and a surprise ... three wheels!


The people of Bergamo know: the Park of St. Augustine is ideal for enjoying the breathtaking views of the lower city, immersed in a beautiful park behind a former monastery dating back to the thirteenth century.

During the summer, this enchanting location becomes unmissable thanks to "Borgo St. Augustine", where you can fine 15 excellent local enogastronomys waiting for you in the park, with typical local dishes accompanied by the finest wines and craft beers, in a completely open-air setting, there is no better way to enjoy the hot summer days. There will also be concerts.

The Village will also periodically host “l’APEtitoso”, the new idea of Vineria Cozzi, a historic local bar of the Upper Town, which will surprise the public by offering signature Street Food aboard an “ape-car”, set up by the restaurant.

To reach St. Augustine village, a special bus service was established: Fridays and Saturdays, every 15 minutes, a bus will depart from the square at the stadium, another by the Red Cross in the area Loreto.

To stay updated on all the events that will light-up the summer of Borgo St. Augustine, visit the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Borgo-SantAgostino .