A Celtic Festival in a stunning historical setting!


Celtic music has deep historical roots, so where better to listen to it than a castle? Now Bergamo is opening the doors of its castles to host a series of amazing concerts!

In July, Northern Europe comes to the castles of lower Bergamo! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity! 

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The Castle of Pagazzano, Palazzo Visconti of Brignano Gera d'Adda and the la Rocca di Romano di Lombardia will be the concert venues, as well as the fascinating Cloister of Treviglio which, even though it isn’t a castle, is yet another amazing venue.

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It all begins on July 1st with percussion and harp from the Scottish duo of MacMaster and Hay. It continues onto the next day with their fellow compatriots Donald Shaw and Karen Matheson. Finally, the third night takes us to Ireland with Goitse.

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If you like the concert series come back to visit the castle, which is open until July 5th, or enjoy any of the other many festivals inside the castle walls, like the Malpaga Folk or the reeanctment in Urgnano.

Link: http://www.geomusic.it/articoli-evidenza/festival-celtico-nei-castelli-bergamaschi