Bergamo’s pride
The city and Donizetti

Before picking the date for your journey to Bergamo you should have a look at the programme of “Donizetti pride for Expo” and join us in the events that in the next six months will pay homage to Donizetti, the great composer from Bergamo.

From May to October the calendar will be full of events: which ones don’t you want to miss?

An extraordinary concert season complemented by conferences, readings, music theatre shows, chamber and orchestral concerts, as well as activities for children. A new, revolutionary approach to opera that stimulates an innovatory attitude towards music, the art that turned our fellow citizen into a great composer.

The first event not to be missed is the Donizetti night on 20 June.Not just one, but two exceptional events: “Elisir d’amore Off” – a pocket version “for people of all ages” of the classic opera, performed by Francesco Micheli and Donizetti Opera Ensemble – and “Donizetti Alive”, a new kind of opera intended for an itinerant audience, that will be performed in the Domus Magna and will be repeated once a month.

Donizetti Pride for Expo lasts six months and is a preview of the opera season starting in October, as always, with a Donizetti work, Don Pasquale (15 and 17 October at Teatro Donizetti).

The opera season programme is composed of three sections: DoReMix. “Do” stands for “Donizetti opera”; “Re” stands for “Repertoire”, with timeless classics; and “Mix” stands for “Miscellany”, a combination of events that will reinterpret opera under new forms of expression.

Il primo imperdibile appuntamento è per il 20 giugno con la Donizetti night. Non un solo evento eccezionale ma ben due: nella stessa serata “Elisir d’amore Off” – capolavoro in formato tascabile con Francesco Micheli e il Donizetti Opera Ensemble – e “Donizetti Alive”, destinata a un pubblico itinerante e replicata una volta al mese.
I sei mesi del Donizetti Pride for Expo serviranno ad anticipare la stagione lirica che si aprirà, come di consueto, ad ottobre, con un’opera proprio di Donizetti, Don Pasquale (15 e 17 ottobre Teatro Donizetti).
Il programma della stagione lirica sarà articolato in tre sezioni DoReMix: “Do” che sta per “Donizetti opera”; “Re” per “Repertorio” con i capolavori senza tempo; infine “Mix”, “miscellanea”, una serie di iniziative per declinare l’opera lirica in nuove forme espressive.