1,2,3: picnic!
With the sun out and the growing desire to be outdoors, what’s better than having a nice picnic, perhaps accompanied by an unusual activity, to enjoy the summer?

In the Bergamo area you can find many special places to have a picnic, there’s something for everyone: from the plains to the mountains, passing by the lake, with many solutions, including ready-to-eat, making it easy to organise a picnic in a short amount of time. And if you don’t have the right equipment with you? Don’t worry: we'll take care of providing you with everything you need for a delicious picnic!

Vineria Cozzi offers real wicker baskets filled with historic flavours: sandwiches, salad and dessert, with a rug and a table cloth. Perfect for a picnic along the UNESCO World Heritage walls with a city view.
In the heart of the Po Valley you’ll find "Campo Allegro"! At Podere Montizzolo you can buy meat at km0 and then use the grills on the large lawn nearby to cook it. From there, in just 5 minutes you can reach the Caravaggio Sanctuary.
The Biali Park: 15,000 square metres of lawns overlooking Lake Endine. A children's pool, pier, picnic area with barbecues available and a bar. What else do you want?
Have a picnic at Sotto il Monte! From St. John XXIII’s birthplace, reach Cà Maitino, continue on to the good Pope's museum and head up to San Giovanni Hill. The Ristoro Alpino restaurant awaits you.
Picnic yes, but with llamas! At Scuderia della Valle amid the greenery of the Imagna Valley, you can go trekking with llamas led on ropes and that can easily carry bags full of local products to be enjoyed during a break.