Dinosaurs invade Bergamo!
But aren’t they extinct? Walking around Bergamo it doesn’t seem so! Four huge dinosaurs dominate the city’s key points: come and see them!

A birthday in style, gigantic style, for Bergamo’s Enrico Caffi Museum of Natural Sciences. The dinosaurs are in fact celebrating the one hundredth birthday of the museum and are the protagonists of the “Dinosaurs at the Museum” exhibition which starts on March 10th and can be visited until January 6th 2018.

Caffi is a museum that has written several pages of the history books of the earth and boasts palaeontological discoveries of great importance in the last 40 years: for example, flying reptiles discovered in Cene, Zogno and Ponte Giurino, or the lobster progenitors found during excavations carried out by the museum, together with new species of dragonflies and a rich fauna of fish and crustaceans. You must know that in very remote times Bergamo was a vast tropical marine expanse dotted with small islands.

The exhibition celebrating 100 years of the museum, includes reproductions of over 50 dinosaurs, along with other prehistoric animals, fossils, casts, reconstructions, multimedia posts and videos: everything you need to recount the evolution of our planet in the most complete way. And then, the final touch: the installation of giant dinosaurs scattered around Bergamo.

Let the invasion begin!

Over 50 life-sized dinosaur models have arrived in the city directly from the Mesozoic Era. You can find them on display at the museum until September 30th.
But beware, the dinosaurs have invaded Bergamo’s streets and squares as well! Are you ready to go hunting to find them all?
If you don’t feel like a hunter, then you’ll be looking for the perfect selfie! Get closer to one of the Dinosaurs dotted around the city and click! How often do you get the chance to take a photo with a Triassic reptile?
The exhibition is accompanied by a calendar packed full of shows, workshops and performances: many different ways to get in touch with the Dinosaurs and their world. Which is also ours.
In 2017, the Caffi Museum of Natural Sciences was the most visited museum in Bergamo, with over 70,000 admissions. What better business card to celebrate its 100th birthday? Happy birthday, dear Museum!