The top events of 2018
Everything you could wish to see, do, try and taste, you'll find in Bergamo and its surroundings.

Whether you are a fan of architecture and fashion or you like to taste the most delicious products in the area, whether you love going to exhibitions or taking part in popular events, whether you are sporty or prefer to sit in the dark of a cinema to watch new films, whether you like opera music, jazz or rock, in short, anything you want to experience... you can do so in Bergamo!

Italy is the land of beauty: come and admire it for yourself on our tour. You will pass by Fashion Week shows that see Milan teeming with fashion stars, then see a parade of incredible paintings at the Raffaello exhibition in Bergamo and the Frida Khalo exhibition in Milan. Finally, the splendour of light is the protagonist at the CidNeon centre at Brescia Castle.
March is synonymous with the Bergamo Film Meeting and Bergamo Jazz. Also beating in time to music, is the Half Lent parade that crosses the city’s streets, with the unmissable "burning of the old": here Carnival hasn’t finished! For DIY lovers, the Creative Fair is back; but if your goal is to get back into shape for the summer a good start is the 22 km StraMilano marathon. A visit to the Tiziano and the sixteenth century painting exhibition in Brescia is always a good idea.
To get in shape you can also take part in the Sarnico Lovere Run, a race of over 25 km along the east coast of Lake Iseo, from Sarnico to Lovere. If you prefer finger movement to that of legs, listen to one of the concerts at the Piano Festival of Bergamo and Brescia. Milan celebrates Design with a week of dedicated events: who knows, maybe some objects were inspired by the works of Albrecht Durer on display at Palazzo Reale?
John XXIII, the "good Pope" - finally returns where he was born: to Sotto il Monte. Even the Giro d'Italia returns to the Bergamo area, with the final leg of the 17th day at Iseo. Keeping to the two-wheeled theme there is also the Gran Fondo Internazionale Felice Gimondi Bianchi race, while on four wheels there is the Bergamo Historic Gran Prix along the Venetian Walls. And, if you are a true fan of historical races, there is the Mille Miglia (Thousand Miles) from Brescia to Rome and back.
The Spirit of the Planet festival takes places in Chiuduno, bringing together music from all over the world. The World Motocross Championship whizzes through Lombardy, while international pop rock music arrives in Milan at I-Days. For more classical music, visit the Donizetti Night in Bergamo, celebrating the Maestro symbol of the city. Finally, take a breath of fresh air climbing the mountains to admire the Serio Waterfalls, the highest in Italy.
It’s not over yet, there are still another 6 months! Here’s a preview.. The Italian Grand Prix in Monza with the fastest cars in the world or the Maestri del Paesaggio creating an open-air fairy tale. Literature finds a place at the Mantua Festival and opera at the Donizetti Festival at the end of November. In Bergamo and its surroundings there is always something to do.