Donizetti Night - June 16th - Bergamo

Serio Waterfalls openings  June 17th / October 14th, Bergamo

A 315 meters high triple jump, a gush of water diving onto the valley, a breath taking landscape. It’s the Serio Waterfalls, Italy’s highest and Europe’s second highest ones.

The spirit of the planet - May 25th / June 10th - Bergamo

Do you know where the only indigenous tribal festival in Italy is? In Chiuduno, in the province of Bergamo. It’s called "The Spirit of the Planet" and is a journey to discover indigenous roots.

I-days - June 21st / 24th  - Monza

Four days of important concerts at the Monza race track, a music festival you can’t miss.

Campionato mondiale di Motocross