Raffaello and the echo of the myth
The exhibition of the year is in Bergamo

With great pride, the city of Bergamo hosts the most important exhibition of 2018.

Accademia Carrara Foundation in collaboration with GAMeC present "Raffaello and the Echo of the Myth": an unmissable exhibition dedicated to the myth that is Raffaello.

The showcase opens its doors on January 27th in the exhibition spaces at GAMeC - Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art and can be visited until May 6th.


Be amazed by the great works by the Urbino-born maestro, experience their timeless beauty firsthand and discover masterpieces by other great artists, coming from major museums around the world, who have contributed to enhancing the myth of Raffaello.

500 years after his death, the great maestro continues to be a source of inspiration and wonder...


The exhibition is an invitation to travel among more than 60 great artworks: starting with the San Sebastiano, a masterpiece from Raffaello’s youth, permanently kept at the Accademia Carrara.
Thirteen of Raffaello’s masterpieces are on display, and for the first time the components of the Colonna Altarpiece and the Blessed Nicola da Tolentino Altarpiece have been reunited.
An entire section dedicated to the cultural environment in which he developed his talent, with attention paid to the court of Montefeltro, to the work of his father Giovanni Santi, head of a very active workshop and of Perugino, Signorelli and Pintoricchio.
The San Sebastiano then dialogues with other paintings. Some examples are the Portrait of a Man by Flemish artist Memling, San Sebastiano by Pietro de Saliba, two versions of Portrait of a Young Man like San Sebastiano by Boltraffio and D'Oggiono, students of Leonardo.
A section dedicated to Raffaello’s fortune in the early nineteenth century: Portrait of a Young Woman, on loan from the National Galleries of Ancient Art in Rome, the works of Sogni, Gandolfi, Schiavoni and Mussini.
Finally, the fascination of the myth that is Raffaello, in the twentieth century to the present day. Quotes, tributes and revisitations by De Chirico, Picasso with a loan from the Pinacoteca di Brera. Alders, Mariani, Christo, and Paolini.
…and if you were the next myth?
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