Raffaello and the echo of the myth
An example of "grace and beauty", Raffaello revives over the centuries, until today. Come and discover the exhibition in Bergamo, from January 2018.

The unmissable exhibition in 2018 is in Bergamo: Raffaello and the echo of the myth, from January 27th at the Accademia Carrara.

The fascination of this Renaissance artist has remained unaltered for 500 years, influencing painting until the twentieth century and arriving to the present day. Raffaello was an important model for artists such as Picasso, Salvo, De Chirico, Beecroft, Vezzoli and Ontani.

In Bergamo, more than 60 works will be exhibited, starting from the painting of San Sebastiano kept in the Accademia Carrara, and will tell of Raffaello’s influence on artists of different eras. Also on display are some of Raffaello's most important works and paintings by his masters such as Perugino, Pintoricchio and Santi.

The spark that ignited the show is the San Sebastiano at the Accademia Carrara. Enveloped by a gradation of light that gives a celestial atmosphere, for years he has observed millions of passers-by.
The Uffizi in Florence, the Pinacoteca di Brera, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the New York Metropolitan Museum: these are just some of the museums that have lent their works to this incredible exhibition.
Over 20 works by Raffaello, and then works by his fifteenth century contemporaries such as Perugino, Pintoricchio, Signorelli, Memling: all gathered at the "court" of Raffaello to pay him homage.
From the 1400s, a temporal leap up to the present day: the artists of the 1900s such as Ontani, Salvo, Vezzoli, Picasso and De Chirico, Beecroft, Christo... speak to us about Raffaello.
Framed by this great exhibition "Raffaello and the Echo of the myth", events and initiatives will highlight his greatness: conferences, workshops, meetings to narrate the timeless fascination of an artist who lived 500 years ago and is still present.