Awaiting Raffaello
A tour that travels in time and space, between different forms of expression. Because true art knows no limits.

Awaiting “Raffaello e l’eco del mito - Raffaello and the echo of the myth”, the great exhibition of 2018 that from January to May will bring to Bergamo the masterpieces of one of the indisputable Renaissance masters. To prepare, do not miss the preview at the Accademia Carrara and exhibitions by some great artists from around Bergamo.

The Palazzo Reale in Milan is enlivened by dancers in the Parisian neighbourhoods where life was nocturnal and was immortalised by Toulouse-Lautrec. It is a total artistic experience thanks to the exhibition-show at the Museo della Permanente dedicated to Chagall and Kilmt Experience at the Mudec.

Fernando Botero's rounded figures are exhibited at Palazzo Forti in Verona, while Beat Generation is revived in Brescia at the Museum of Santa Giulia with works by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Also, not to be missed, the important exhibition dedicated to the Lombard people in the capital of its kingdom: Pavia.

From January in Bergamo there will be over 60 masterpieces, from the Renaissance to today. A single red thread: The Art of Raffaello, from the hieratic San Sebastiano preserved in the Accademia Carrara to Perugino and Pinturicchio, De Chirico, Picasso, Beecroft...
The cursed artist Toulouse-Lautrec at Palazzo Reale in Milan, in over 250 works including the famous posters of the Montmarte nightspots. Not only paintings, but lithographs, posters and etchings. For true Bohemians.
Chagall in 12 sequences: A summer night’s dream. Music, art, theatre and technology merge into the work of the dreamlike Belarusian artist.In Milan, at Mostra Permanente
Return to Vienna at the end of the 1800s in the experience-room, where floor, ceiling and walls speak of Klimt. In Milan, at Mudec
Botero is celebrated in Verona with more than 50 large-scale works. Vivid shapes and colours contrast the impassive expression of the faces. A fantastic world that smells of South America.
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, of Brescian origins, a great advocate of the Beat Generation is celebrated with an exhibition articulated between videos, photos and documents.In Brescia, Santa Giulia Museum
A mammoth operation, more than 15 years of archaeological investigations, flow into an exhibition that tells the Epic of the Lombards who made Pavia the capital of their kingdom.