Who wouldn’t want to hug the Queen of the Orobic Alps?
Always more difficult! After the Walls in July 2016, this year it’s Presolana’s turn to be surrounded by a record hug!

On July 9 Bergamo wants to put itself to the test once again and break another Guinness World Record, just a year after succeeding with the Venetian Wall hug.

This year’s challenge? Completely surround the Presolana, a 18km long trail!

The event will take place at the closing of the General States of the Mountain meeting (Stati Generali della Montagna), an event dedicated to the theme ‘life at high altitude’, with a focus on security, safeguard and sustainability.  

The event is organised by the Province of Bergamo, the CAI Bergamasco and the ANA Bergamo, together with the Alpine Rescue team (National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps).

By participating in the Hug, you will automatically be funding the project to make the Baita Cassinelli mountain refuge welcoming and accessible for people with disabilities and reduced motor skills. A noble cause for a unique event!
The numbers speak for themselves: 2521 metres high, an 18km route, 20,000 metres of rope, 4 mountain refuges, 2000 people involved, 300 climbing leaders, 1 base camp and 18 advanced camps. A huge deployment of energy to achieve the goal.
The route begins at PalaMonti then goes to Malga Cassinelli, the Grotta dei Pagani on trail Cai 315, Rino Olmo mountain refuge at Valzurio on trails Cai 320 and 311, the Scagnello pass, Albani mountain refuge for trails 326 – 328 until Passo della Porta and then returns to Malga Cassinelli.
To join just subscribe via the link that you find on the website (http://cordatadellapresolana.orobie.it) indicating one of the advanced camps. On July 9 at the given time you must have reached the point you chose, hook the carabiner to the rope and join the hug!