Accademia Carrara: Official Opening
Carrara returns to shine among stars of the European art

The art gallery reopens and houses masterpieces of Tiziano, Botticelli and Lotto; for the inauguration, the eyes of thousands of people are towards the sky, with a spectacle between theater and poetry.

The waiting for the reopening lasted seven years, then it arrived in the evening. “Vediamoci (“Let’s meet”) is the invitation of the Carrara Academy and thousands have collected it, filling the square in front of the illuminated art gallery.


A museum window suddenly opens and Harlequin, the colorful Bergamo mask, bids welcome, cites Beato Angelico, Bellini, Moroni and other jewels of Carrara and then shrieks: Pisanello’s Lionello d’Este misses from the museum, remained in Russia after the last show.
The square in front of the museum transforms into a stage: Harlequin spots the Russians from afar, makes his way through the audience, surrounded by a cloud of snow, and brings the Lionello d’Este back into the Academy. The collection is now complete and the portrait of Pisanello will be among the first to welcome the public visiting the museum.
Before the doors open, the Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo (“Pocket Bergamo Theater”) of the play transports the audience in poetry, among flag-wavers, artists on stilts, white angels that look beyond the museum’s gates and a wonderful show with big colorful dancing balloons. Then there is her, a dancer suspended to a cluster of white balloons in the sky that comes in almost like flying and reaches the balustrade, from which Major Gori cuts the inaugural ribbon.
Carrara is reopened, the museum comes to life and behind the glasses lights are on again. Hundreds of people will crowd the entry gate until midnight to discover those rooms remained closed for years and their treasures, that after being hosted from the most prestigious museums in the world, are now back in the Palace, which now relives for the city and for the art lovers of the whole world.