In Piazza Dante in the city centre, spring has brought us Domus Bergamo, a temporary structure totalling 240 square metres which, with its abundance of glass and light colours, blends in perfectly with the importance of the context where it was constructed. The Domus quickly became a hub for meetings, brainstorming and publicising local and national food and wine organisations and businesses. Created by the Signum Association with backing from the Creberg Foundation as well as collaborating with a number of technical partners, Domus consists of two complementary spaces: a cultural centre for conventions, meetings and discussions, and the Ristolab created by the expert hands of two acclaimed hosts from the Bergamo area: Giancarlo Cadeo and Roberto Zadra.

A number of successful initiatives have been launched during this first month and the substantial programme scheduled through October 31st is constantly updated on the Alta Qualità website ( There you can find all the themed tastings and moments of show-cooking which are perfect for discovering local and national food and wine organisations and businesses.

Producers of food and wine from eight regions in the Italian gastronomic scenario and more than ten foreign countries will alternate with the Lombardy region during these weeks. Visitors will be able to try one-hundred grape varieties, and the Valcalepio Consortium and Moscato di Scanzo Consortium are the proud ambassadors of the Bergamo area’s important viticulture.

The local food philosophy is clearly represented by the Ristolab menus created by Giancarlo and Roberto with superb products from the Bergamo area: Piedmont fassone beef from Angelo Santinelli, vegetables from the Aretè Cooperative from Torre Boldone, sweets from the Anita Organic Confectioner’s Shop and bread from the Aspan projects of Bergamo, not to mention coffee provided by Art Caffè coffee roasters. There is also a select offering of cold cuts, salami and cheeses of which Bergamo is considered the European capital and which will be the centrepieces of several Domus events thanks to an ongoing collaboration with two projects: Forme and Alti Formaggi.

Eight months of pure gratification await you at the Bergamo Domus in the centre of Bergamo from Tuesday through Sunday 10:30 am to midnight where you can see, discover and enjoy the delights of Italy!