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Discover Bergamo province
20 things you cannot miss throughout the province of Bergamo
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European Region of Gastronomy 2017
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Bergamo World Heritage Site
The Walls that unite 6 cities, 3 regions and many nations achieve their goal!
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And... three! Bergamo holds another record!
In the just over a year Bergamo has earned 3 titles officially certified by Guinness World Records: on July 9, the prize was for embracing the Presolana!
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Only we have it!
What makes Bergamo unique? Follow us and you’ll find out
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Raffaello and the echo of the myth
The exhibition of the year is in Bergamo
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The top events of 2018
Everything you could wish to see, do, try and taste, you'll find in Bergamo and its surroundings.
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Dinosaurs invade Bergamo!
But aren’t they extinct? Walking around Bergamo it doesn’t seem so! Four huge dinosaurs dominate the city’s key points: come and see them!
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Stop by this peaceful oasis, travel in comfort.
Welcome to the Winter Garden Hotel where well-being comes naturally, the service is tailor-made and each guest becomes a story to tell.
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